🎙️ UX+DEV SUMMIT 2018 – Shane Doyle

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Shane is a Product Manager and UX Designer with experience in creating great products that empower, enhance and delight users. He’s passionate about design, technology and story-telling.

He was the Product Owner of DoneDeal’s mobile apps – Ireland’s largest online marketplace. During that time he turned 2-star apps into 5-star ones and downloaded by millions of users.

Shane spends most of his time cycling, reading, or relaxing with his wife and their cats (Taco and Gloria).

Shane’s workshop: How To Run Lean Product Experiments

Lean encourages us to base products on user data rather than assumptions and to test ideas by deciding as late as possible. Experimentation is a key ingredient in discovery, it’s also an easy way to learn and test assumptions. This workshop will help you learn how to run, track and measure experiments in a lean environment. Giving you the knowledge to introduce experiments into your product and start to amplify learning. Go forth and experiment!

Shane’s talk: My UX guide to creating awesome apps

We all want to build great apps that our users love but too many apps don’t get the basics right. In this talk, I will present my guide to creating awesome apps that your users will love, and provide you with a base to build that next great app.

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