🎙️ UX+DEV SUMMIT 2018 – Marcelo Paiva

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More than 15 years building productive design teams, solving complex systems challenges and developing thoughtful expertise to foster modern design practices in Agile development environments for mobile and web applications.

Extensive leadership with designers and front-end developers, while enabling a creative environment of success for colleagues and team members.

Marcelo’s workshop: From Sketch to React Effortlessly – Design Tokens for Design Systems

In this two-hour session, Marcelo Paiva (Designer) and Lucas Rosa (Developer) will be presenting a new workflow between design and development where all design decisions are made directly from a Sketch file and automatically translated into the React codebase without any effort from the developer’s side. This is a revolutionary approach, where the Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for design tokens are driven from design source files. This open-source project will be exclusively presented at UXDEV Summit!

Marcelo’s talk: Design Systems and the Future of the Design and Development Workflow

“Design System is the newly adopted name for Pattern Libraries or Living Style Guides, with the main difference: today we have the proper tooling in place to help us bridge the gap between design and development. During this presentation, Marcelo Paiva, a product designer, front-end developer, educator and founder of Cross.Team will demystify some of the most common questions about building Design Systems: – Is Design System right for your company? – Do you need a team to build a Design System? – How to properly design and develop a Design System? – How do Accessibility and Internationalization work into this effort? – How to build and lead a Design System Team where designers and developers pair, accelerate and learn together daily? – What is the future of Design Systems?”

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