About the Thunder Nerds

Thunder Nerds

The Thunder Nerds is a conversation with the people behind the technology, that love what they do… and do tech good.

We’re a weekly/bi-weekly LIVE Audio/Video Podcast that started way back in November of 2015.

Our mission: to provide takeaways for our audience to employ in the field. These highly valuable and exclusive insights are acquired via our conversations with real people in the design and development community. We seek out the top contributors and leaders in our industry to explore beyond their public personas so we can all gain an authentic view into what makes them tick. We want to know how they got where they are and what fuels the fires of their career today.

Hosts: Jenell Pizarro, Brian Hinton & Frederick Philip Von Weiss

Jenell Pizarro

Jenell Pizarro



brian hinton

Brian Hinton



Frederick Philip Von Weiss

(Host, Executive Producer, Guest Acquisition)