Upcoming Guests

Jen Simmons


Designer Advocate at Mozilla. Member of CSS Working Group. Teaching you how CSS Grid changes everything web graphic design.

Watch Live: Thursday, August 8, 7:30pm EST

Eva Sofianos


Founder and Organizer, GDG ​Bronx
Eva Sofianos is ​an ​energetic, ​disciplined ​and ​highly ​motivated ​individual ​with ​over 15 years of experience ​in IT, ​diligently ​leading ​teams ​to ​success.

Watch Live: Thursday, August 22, 7:30pm EST

Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf


💻 Lead dev. 🗺 Software architect. 📢 Keynote speaker. 🎨 Occasional designer. 🍸 Mediocre bartender. Human Duct Tape at @gatsbyjs / Previously @IBM, @insidePN

Jason Lengstorf is a developer advocate, senior engineer, and occasional designer at Gatsby. He’s an advocate for building highly productive teams through better communication, well designed systems and processes, and healthy work-life balance, and he blogs about that sometimes. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Watch Live Thursday, September 5, 7:30pm EST

Chris Fritz

Chris Fritz


Educator/engineer hybrid. @vuejs core team member and curator of our docs. You can support my open source work at http://patreon.com/chrisvuefritz . 🙏🏻

Watch Live Thursday, September 12, 7:30pm EST

Katherine Trammell

Katherine Trammell


Campus Director at Suncoast Developers Guild

Watch Live Thursday, September 19, 7:30pm EST

Maria Lamardo

Maria Lamardo


Software Engineer at Nutanix, Devs@RTP Founder, Vue Vixens North Carolina chapter leader

A Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and front-end developer with experience in creating static and dynamic websites and web applications.

Watch Live Thursday, September 26, 7:30pm EST

Paul Stamatiou

Paul Stamatiou


Designer @Twitter. 🇬🇷 http://Instagram.com/pstamatiou

“I share my love of photography, technology and design with in-depth articles and detailed travel photosets.” — https://paulstamatiou.com/

Watch Live Thursday, October 3, 7:30PM EST

Dave Rupert

Dave Rupert


Developer at @paravelinc, Podcaster at @shoptalkshow, Adventurer at @godaytrip, 日本語OK, #davegoeswindows, Historical Graphic Novel Otaku, Junkrat Main

Watch Live Thursday, October 10, 7:30pm EST

Femke van Schoonhoven

Femke van Schoonhoven


Designer at Uber, Femke writes about creative self-help and achieving your goals. She also interviews under-rated creatives on Medium