🎙️ UX+DEV SUMMIT 2018 – Jacqueline Stetson Pastore

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Jacqueline is the CEO and Founder of UX Gofer and User Experience Research and Design, Inc (UXRD). She has been doing user experience research and design since 1999. Her areas of expertise are UX strategy, user research, and product design.

UX Gofer is a new UX tool. It is a web and mobile app that makes User Experience Research easier and faster.

Jacqueline has worked with companies from 1 person startups through to industry leaders like Microsoft, Staples, Fidelity Investments, the Federal Reserve Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Reebok, Zumba Fitness, and others.

Jacqueline’s talk: State of UX in South Florida

Join 3 UX and 3 DEV expert panelists as they discuss the state of user experience and development in our South Florida community. Our panelists will go over the survey completed by UX+DEV SUMMIT attendees and answer questions and concerns in relation to our conference, jobs markets, salaries, and what companies need to thrive in the growing fields of UX and development!

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