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Bermon has 20 years of product strategy, design and development experience in varying industries including aerospace,automotive, financial services , government, manufacturing , publishing and retail.

As a Senior UX Manager at EY Digital, Bermon leads initiatives to help organizations develop holistic product strategies and then oversees the implementation of products or services that are easy-to-use and deliver value to both the organization and their customers.

Bermon is heavily involved in the local Charlotte tech community and has been organizing various conferences and community events for the past decade. He also speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops around the world.

Bermon’s talk: Projects are Easy, People are Hard

Somewhere, a project is failing. It may be your project and you aren’t even aware yet. More than likely the project isn’t failing because it’s difficult, or the budget ran out, or because there wasn’t a market fit. The project is failing because of people. People are anything but stable and introduce communication problems, staffing problems, politics, disenchantment with the client or stakeholders, and often result in lack of motivation on projects. It doesn’t matter what methodology you use to scope, design, and implement a project if you’re unable to deal with the underlying people issues because people are hard and people are what cause project failures.

In this session, Bermon will discuss sociological nature of the work we do and how to overcome them in order to deliver successful projects.

Target Audience:
Designers, developers, project managers, and in general, anybody that tries to build products with other people.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn:

  1. The irrational, impulsive, and emotionally driven challenges people introduce on projects
  2. Overcoming different communication styles, engaging in successful conflict, setting expectations, and navigating politics successfully
  3. Guidelines to effectively handle conversations
  4. Communication techniques to help overcome people problems
  5. Understand how to actively listen, effectively demonstrate empathy, and overcome biases that create extra risks and result in project failures.


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