🎙️ UX+DEV SUMMIT 2018 – Rachel Parsons

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When her nose isn’t buried in a book, Rachel is probably out in her kayak, doing yoga, or tinkering with code. By day, she’s the AppDev Practice Manager at Cardinal Solutions in Charlotte, NC. Rachel thrives on leading teams to deliver high quality software. She’s been programming for over 18 years and leading for at least 6 of those years. Most recently, she’s been architecting mobile apps using Swift, digging into technologies focused on streamlining developer workflows (devops!), and her teams are well-versed in development best practices. Rachel, also known as Pinky in some circles, is the Career Development Director for ChickTech Charlotte, a local chapter of a national non-profit focused on empowering women and girls to get into and stay in technology careers.

Rachel’s talk: Docker for Mobile Developers: Ship It Faster!

Docker for Mobile Developers ( No, I’m not going to show you how to run iOS in a container. But I would love to share with you how you can integrate Docker into your day-to-day to streamline your workflows and integrations with other dev teams. As a mobile developer, you may be wondering “what the heck is the big deal with Docker?” As a modern day developer , I’m here to share the value in learning the basics of Docker and how it can improve your life as a developer. From spinning up an isolated dev environment to running integration tests, Docker is another tool that belongs in any developer’s toolbox whether your a full stack dev or not. And you need to know when best to use that tool. We’ll go through the basics of Docker as well as some tips on when/where to integrate the Docker tool into your workflow. You won’t be able to contain yourself!

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