🎙️ UX+DEV SUMMIT 2018 – Ivan Corchado Ruiz

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Passionate about the intersection of the arts and sciences. From art and philosophy to DJ/Producer, to million dollar smart homes, to design, to engineering. Always pursuing technical challenges with a creative mind.

Currently working as an iOS developer at Chewy.com, always encouraging more collaboration with designers and building great products with awesome people.

Ivan’s talk: Designers and Engineers: How to Improve Trust, Collaboration and Fidelity

Designers and developers share the common goal of creating amazing products. We rely on each other to bring the best work to life, but far too often gaps in communication and collaboration get in the way of quality results. Come join me to talk about how a shared language can help bridge the gap between our two disciplines. We’ll explore both points of view to better understand each other, focusing on empathetic communication tools, system building, and concrete steps that build a strong working relationship and, ultimately, products we can all be proud of.

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