217 – Guil Hernandez 🎙 Front End Design Conference 2019

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Guil is a senior software development instructor at Treehouse, an online school that aims to bring affordable technology education to everyone. His focus is on Full Stack JavaScript and Front End Web Development.

When he’s not recording courses or writing about code, you’ll find him exploring South Florida with his wife, baby boy, and hyperactive Australian Shepherd.

The Power and Flexibility of CSS Variables

CSS can be immensely repetitive, and maintaining it can be cumbersome. If you’re using a CSS preprocessor like Sass, you’re already used to declaring variables to store and keep track of values in your stylesheets. Now you can use variables directly in your CSS — no special processing tools necessary!

CSS variables (custom properties) are a game changer in web development, and there are plenty of differences and advantages to using them over preprocessor variables. In fact, CSS variables offer more flexibility and power than preprocessor variables:

  • They have dynamic capabilities — you can update values at runtime
  • They inherit, cascade and can be scoped to any CSS selector or DOM element
  • They make theming components easier than ever
  • You can even read/write CSS variable values from your JavaScript!

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