216 – Adam Kuhn 🎙 Front End Design Conference 2019

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Front end developer and creative coder hellbent on pushing the boundaries of CSS to the breaking point. Formerly of digital marketing powerhouse Big Sea, I now spend my days handling front end web duties at San Francisco startup Kong Inc and my nights at CodePen building out absurd and (seemingly) useless UI concepts. Organizer of CodePen St. Pete and passionate advocate for web animation. Check him out on Codepen at codepen.io/cobra_winfrey

The Inherent Value of Building Useless Shit

I spend a lot of time writing creative CSS & JS- probably too much (ask my wife). While the value of building out endless variations on animated toggle switches and experimental art with SVG filters appears elusive, it turned out to be a massive boost in landing me a position I never saw coming, receiving an offer without a proper portfolio to speak of. Turns out building banal concepts at CodePen offers much more value than simply a playground to expand concepts and express oneself through coded- potential employers actually spend time carefully considering these creative endeavors. I’d like to share a few demos of said projects and correllate them with the feedback from the recruiting team at Kong to demonstrate the tangible career impact of creative coding.

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