172 – Sam Edwards 🍊 DevFest Florida 2019

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Sam is a Lead Android Engineer at Capital One, Google Developer Expert for Android and Instructor at Caster.IO. He has been working with Android since 2011 and has over 14 years of professional experience with software development. Check out https://handstandsam.com where he shares tips and tricks about Android and software development.

Talk: DIY Dependency Injection with Kotlin

Dependency Injection seems like this SUPER complex topic that only the most senior developers understand. At the end of the day, it’s just “inversion of control” where instances of objects/classes are provided to you, instead of created by you. Kotlin’s language features allow us to do this concisely, without a library, and in this talk I’ll show you how to DO IT YOURSELF. This talk will demystify dependency injection and help you understand the huge benefits it provides for testing, maintainability and modularity.


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