173 – Emily Fortuna & Lara Martin 🍊 DevFest Florida 2019

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Emily Fortuna is a developer advocate on the Flutter team at Google. When not educating about the awesomeness of Flutter, she can be found working on improving fairness in machine learning or acting on the stage and screen. She is an avid member of the nerdy joke appreciation society.

Lara Martin is a self-made Android developer based in Berlin. Her passion for Android made her transition from her background in science to software development. When she’s not attending a tech meetup, you will find her playing videogames.

Their Talk: Flutter: Mobile Development for Busy People

All too often, mobile development is not for the casual developer. Creating an app that works well on iOS and Android can be a time-consuming process, requiring separate teams of programmers for each target platform with different frameworks, languages, and programming tools. This is made worse by the trend toward highly customized user interfaces. Fortunately, Flutter is an SDK that puts the power to create beautiful, customized, cross-platform mobile apps back in the hands of every developer. In this session we will live-code a mobile app on stage to highlight how easy and fast it is to develop with Flutter, while showing off the latest new features. Flutter allows programmers and designers to experiment and play with their app’s user interface; new features can be added quickly and tested immediately; and the resulting app runs at 60 fps on both iOS and Android, while keeping the look and feel for each platform.

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