171 – John Papa 🍊 DevFest Florida 2019

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John Papa is a Principal Developer Advocate with Microsoft and an alumni of the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft Regional Director, and MVP programs. He’s passionate about Web and mobile technologies and often enjoys speaking around the world at keynotes and sessions for conferences including NgConf, Build, Ignite, VSLive and AngleBrackets. John is a co-host of the popular Adventures in Angular podcast, author of the Angular Style Guide, several books, and many popular Pluralsight courses. You can reach me at johnpapa.net or on twitter at @john_papa.

Talk: Debugging Your Node.js Apps

Are you still console-logging all of your Node.js code? Would you like to learn to debug with zero configuration? How about debugging docker? Or logging messages without changing your code with console.log? Would you like an easier way to pair when you just need a second set of eyes to debug your app? Join me and learn how easy it can be to find and squash those bugs in your code!


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