🎙️ UX+DEV SUMMIT 2018 – Mike Donahue

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I am a Lead UX Architect at Citrix in South Florida where I live with my wife Nikki and our dogs (we call them our daughters) Layla and Cassidy. When I’m not designing, I’m trying to learn how the human mind works by reading books on psychology and behavior, or I’m talking someone’s ear off about the importance of designing for emotions. When I need a break from all that I like to grab my camera and get out in nature to get my ” Zen on” taking photos. Nature and wildlife photography is my artistic outlet and mental salvation.

Mike’s talk: A Brief History of Cupholders

“From discovering unmet needs to creating meaningful experiences. | No one today is loyal to products, services, or brands just because it provides a useful, usable, and desirable experience. People expect those qualities. Hell, they demand them. The question you need to ask is, “What do I need to provide if useful, usable, and desirable isn’t enough anymore?” I’m glad you asked. The short answer is meaning. People crave meaningful experiences in their lives. Whether it’s a smartphone, an e-commerce site, or a binge-worthy television series, we’re looking for things that we believe will provide meaning. Experiences we hope will bring feelings of deep and lasting satisfaction. Experiences that resonate within us. When we don’t get that deep feeling of satisfaction, when things don’t resonate, we try again. We move on to the next thing that looks like it might provide the meaning we seek. In this talk I’ll share two methods that will help us uncover unmet user needs and craft them into meaningful experiences. Kano analysis will help us not only identify the right things to work on (useful), it will also help you understand what role they fulfill for the user. With Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) we’ll see how we can move beyond just building the experience right (usable and desirable) to making the experience meaningful. Combined, Kano and JTBD Focusing on meaning for your end user brings with it benefits for the designer and business alike. Spend less time debating design, and focus on what will provide impact using data to drive decisions. Reduce the risk of wasting time and resources on things your end user doesn’t care about. Improve prioritization feature development. reduce customer churn as you build loyal end-users. A real win-win. All we’ll need to do is a little time travel to uncover how it all works. Don’t worry, I’ll being the time machines and have us back before happy hour.”

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