⚡️ FEDC 2018 – Kelly Knight and Munish Dabas

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Kelly Knight

A UX Engineering lead at Google, Kelly leads a team of front-end specialists focused on providing excellent user experiences through prototyping, education, tools and technical mentorship. She’s been coding for the web since 1998 and worked at various companies before joining Google in 2008. In her 10 year journey at Google she’s developed tools and workshops utilized across the company. She’s known for her advocacy of the value of prototyping and commitment to empowering the UX Engineering community.

Munish Dabas


A UX Engineer at Google, Munish applies his user-centric iterative design approach to lead prototyping efforts across Google Maps. Prior to Google he was a product design lead at Amazon, a lead technologist at Sports Illustrated Digital where his work garnered awards from The FWA and AdAge, and an interactive developer at award-winning digital agency Fantasy. He’s also an avid educator, having been an adjunct professor of Interactive Design at NYU and Parsons in the past.

UX Engineering @ Google (Co-presenter)

UX Engineering is a relatively nascent role in our industry, but it’s crucial to the product design lifecycle. As creative tinkerers, UXEs rapidly turn concepts into reality through prototyping and develop tools to empower design teams. Learn how this discipline operates at Google, its history, the impact we’re making there, and find out if your passions, interests, and skillset make you an ideal fit for this unique role.

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