⚡️ FEDC 2018 – Jared Ponchot

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Jared is the Creative Director at Lullabot where he helps lead a talented, fully distributed team of strategists, designers and developers. Over the years they’ve designed and built sites for well-known brands and institutions like NBC, This Old House, Syfy, Intel, Harvard, MIT and more. Lullabot’s focus on projects with large editorial teams managing complex content models has helped Jared and his team build unique expertise when it comes to creating design systems that work at scale. Jared loves helping organizations use design thinking to simplify complexity, find focus, build alignment and make great experiences for the audiences they serve.

Ensuring Value in Our Work

We live in a world increasingly shaped by big data and a desire to “mathify” all of our decisions, especially design decisions. Never-the-less, as designers we often struggle to both sell and ensure the value of the work we do. In this session we’ll take a look at the ROI of design as well as some practical ways to shape our projects and processes to ensure value in our work.

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