⚡️ FEDC 2018 – Carl Smith

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A theater major who decided to act like he understood business, Carl spent 14 years in advertising before launching his digital agency, nGen Works, in 2003.

nGen ran for 12 years, constantly experimenting with different models of management and team structure, including the Jellyfish Model which was flat before flat was cool.

Towards the end of nGen’s run, Carl attended the very first Bureau event and fell madly in love with the concept of building community in the web industry. So much so that a few years later he closed nGen to take over the Bureau in 2016. Now Carl spends every day connecting digital professionals to give them the support they need.

Secrets of a Client Whisperer

The following may sound a little too familiar.

A client seeks you out. They give you thousands of dollars in advance. Then, inexplicably, they do everything in their power to ruin your life and make the project a miserable failure… Or do they? What is it that causes clients to lose faith so quickly?

In this talk, Carl will walk you through how to nurture blossoming client relationships, run successful client projects, and ultimately become a bona fide client whisperer.

During this session, Carl will cover:

  • Establishing trust with a client
  • Setting and maintaining expectations
  • Having tough conversations
  • Negotiating project conflict
  • Utilizing leverage
  • Keeping your client and team in sync
  • The power of transparency

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