152 – ☀️ Jason Pamental – An Event Apart Orlando 2018

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Jason Pamental

Variable Fonts and the Future of Typography

For centuries, typography has shaped the way we ‘hear’ what we read. In our web work, though, we’ve have to balance our typographic desires with user experience and performance, knowing that every weight, width, or style of a typeface required a different file download. Variable fonts change that, as they include _every_ width, weight, slant, and other permutation of a typeface, all in a single file not much bigger than a regular font file. Now, beautiful web typography can be crafted to respond to screen size, language setting, even ambient light. In a detail-packed hour, Jason will show you not just how far the new capabilities can take us, but how to make use of them right away.

Transcript: http://thundernerds.s3.amazonaws.com/aneventapart2018/_transcripts/jason-pamental.txt

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