⚡️ FEDC 2018 – Eric Portis

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Eric is a Developer Advocate at Cloudinary where he works to build a better toolset for managing images on the web. He’s also a card-carrying and tee-shirt-wearing member of the Responsive Issues Community Group – a rag-tag band of everyday developers who worked with standards bodies and browser vendors to upgrade the element for the responsive web. He loves learning through teaching and building and lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

Lazy and Progressive: Image loading and perceived performance

Like teenagers, web pages go through some jarring transitions as they develop. This talk is about that awkward time *after* a page’s content and/or layout has loaded, but *before* the images come in.

What can we do to make this time shorter, or, at least *feel* shorter? How can we use it to set user’s expectations, and minimize nasty surprises? And why, sometimes, should we try to intentionally make this time as *long as possible*, so that images arrive *just in time* rather than *as soon as possible*?

In this talk, we’ll discuss the code-y hows and UX-y whys of lazy and progressive image loading on the web.

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