⚡️ FEDC 2018 – Chris Coyier

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Chris is a web designer and developer. He writes about all things web at CSS-Tricks, talks about all things web at conferences around the world and on his podcast ShopTalk, and co-founded CodePen, a social development environment.

The All-Powerful Front-End Developer

Without servers, we’d have no way to share our creations with the world. The internet is, without metaphor, just a bunch of servers tied together with wires. In a bit of a paradox, servers are _less_ essential to our work than they’ve ever been. We can now do things on the front end that used to require a back end. When we do need a back end, our front end skills can be put to work, giving us some surprisingly powerful new abilities. Join Chris on a whirlwind tour of the tools, tech, and code that puts more power than ever into our front-end hands.

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