75 – Get in the Animation Spirit with Patrick Brouwer

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In this episode we get to speak with creative developer, Patrick Brouwer. Patrick gives us a sneak peek into the logic of his new animation app Spirit. Spirit provides a way to easily animate objects on the web. We get the nitty-gritty on how it works, who it’s for, and how it’s way different from all the other apps that try to service this need.

Patrick also performs a two hour guitar solo from the song Hotel California.

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About Patrick

Software and Web Developer with experience in design, conceptualization and programming for mobile devices and web interfaces. In my spare time I follow up with the latest web trends, techniques and new possibilities.

Founder of Spirit (animation tooling for the web)

My passion is about creating new innovative and creative cross-media concepts, following on-the-edge technology. I am always interested in new challenges, so feel free to connect!

Specialties: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Docker, TDD, ES6, PostCSS, Node.js, Webpack, Rollup, React.js, Redux.js, Backbone,js, WebGL, GSAP.

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