206 – Miriam Suzanne ⚑️ VueConf US 2019

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Dynamic CSS with Vue

CSS has come a long way since the browser wars of the late 90s. What used to be a struggle, is now often a breeze (see box-shadow or border-radius). But the last 2 years have pushed CSS into entirely new territory: with DOM-aware variables and calculations that can drive your design.

We can inject data directly into our themes and layouts, but where does that data come from, and how do we safely wire it up? Vue provides all the tools we need, but first we have to understand the possibilities and constraints. We’ll cover…

The basics for understanding CSS custom properties, grid, and calc().
Practical examples and use-cases for data-infused design.
How dynamic CSS & JS work together in this new paradigm.
Robust patterns for managing themes, layouts, and more from Vue.

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