196 – Damian Dulisz ⚡️ VueConf US 2019

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Ridiculously Reusable Components in Vue.js

Components are the bread and butter of most modern front-end frameworks, such as Vue.js. They help you structure and manage your application by glueing together your application logic and the interface. However, as an application grows, it’s components tend to get bigger and harder to reason about.
This workshop will demonstrate how to efficiently design your components by focusing on maximum flexibility while avoiding premature optimisation. Throughout the workshop, we’ll build a set of components for a preexisting application. Following the evolving requirements, we will then perform a series of refactoring cycles to explore different possible solutions and patterns/anti-patterns.
We’ll also talk about good practices for managing responsibilities of our components. By the end of the workshop, you should be able to write future-proof components that are easy to work with and resilient to changes.

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