168 – Santosh Hari 🍊 DevFest Florida 2019

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Santosh is a Microsoft Azure MVP and a public speaker who has spoken at tech events including codecamps and regional/international conferences. He is an Azure Consultant @ Nebbia Tech and brings 20 years of experience in the software industry. Before Nebbia, he was involved with tech startups, where he architected greenfield applications providing services in nearly a dozen countries by leveraging the cloud. He has co-authored multiple approved software patents. Santosh is deeply involved with the local community as leader of the Orlando .NET User Group and co-organizer of the Orlando Codecamp. He also runs a boutique software consulting company with his wife.

Talk: Not all data is created equal: NoSQL

This talk is an Intro to NoSQL and an impassioned argument on why you should never host your own NoSQL instance. Do you work on MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres (or other RDBMS) full time? Have you ever wanted to dip your toes into the NoSQL world? Ever wonder about the hype surrounding NoSQL? What is the difference between MongoDB, Redis, Neo4j, and Cassandra? Get a gentle intro to the NoSQL world and more importantly, when to use it and when not to use it. More important, we will discuss decision metrics for picking a cloud-based NoSQL solution that is right for you; between major cloud providers like Google (Datastore), Amazon (DynamoDB), and Microsoft (Azure CosmosDB). We’ll have a spirited discussion on why cloud based/managed NoSQL hosting will help you avoid becoming a news story for the wrong reasons


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