175 – Michele Cynowicz 🍊 DevFest Florida 2019

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Michele is an in-house Front-End Engineer for Vox Media, building innovative software solutions enjoyed by the millions of fans of websites such as Polygon, The Verge, Recode.net, SBNation, Eater, Vox and more.

Talk: Shifting to Vue

In the world of software engineering, there are those of us who work daily on iterating-over, and improving, a single legacy application.

You might be interested in moving your UI toward a modern reactive framework; but how do you leverage this on an older system without dumping your original product entirely and starting over from scratch?

I’ve recently done this very thing – adding a VueJS front-end as the new face of an old Rails App, shifting the UI in piecemeal while supporting both old and new architecture with VueJS components.


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