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Eva Sofianos is ‚Äčan ‚Äčenergetic, ‚Äčdisciplined ‚Äčand ‚Äčhighly ‚Äčmotivated ‚Äčindividual ‚Äčwith ‚Äčover 15 years of experience ‚Äčin IT, ‚Äčdiligently ‚Äčleading ‚Äčteams ‚Äčto ‚Äčsuccess. She began her career by providing IT services for Weill Medical Center of Cornell University. Soon after, Eva participated in research projects with the American Museum of Natural History and the City University of New York, before joining IBM as a Software Engineer at the T.J. Watson Research Center, where she led numerous successful projects in IBM’s Global Technology Services(GTS) as well as Global Business Services(GBS) before transferring into IBM’s Federal Cloud Computing Division as an Advisory IT Specialist, and co-authoring an IBM-Redbook. In the past few years, she realized her love for teaching and during her transition from industry to academia co-founded ‚Äča ‚Äčtechnical ‚Äčtraining ‚Äčprogram ‚Äčthat ‚Äčprovides ‚Äčtrainees ‚Äčwith ‚Äčreal ‚Äčworld ‚Äčhands ‚Äčon ‚Äčexperience ‚Äčby ‚Äčguiding ‚Äčthem ‚Äčthrough ‚Äčsolution development ‚Äčfor ‚Äčsmall ‚Äčbusinesses. Eva is now a faculty member in the ‚ÄčComputer ‚ÄčScience ‚Äčdepartment at ‚ÄčLehman ‚ÄčCollege, CUNY who enjoys exploring upcoming technologies as the founder and organizer of GDG ‚ÄčBronx.

Talk: Nailing the Tech Interview

How to overcome the challenges of the technical interview, and impress your potential employer. This talk will include tips and tricks from the initial screening phase through the in person interview and the post-interview follow up.


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