68 – Never Settle, Value Your Creativity with Jason Ogle

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In this episode we get to speak with Senior UX Designer, Podcaster of User Defenders… THE USER DEFENDER HIMSELF, Jason Ogle. We get updated on Jason’s family’s health and their unfortunate bad luck with stairs and deer attacks, yep.

We ask Jason all about season 2: the fascinating guests and topics that help people change their views on life, their career goals, and the inspiration to take ownership of their own journey.

We also discuss Jason’s upcoming interview with his dad, as he’ll be flying to FL to help celebrate his 80th birthday. His dad is a rocket-scientist, one of the few who can say he was part of every single manned-rocket mission…including the infamous Apollo 11 and 13 missions, all the way to the last shuttle mission before his retirement.

Jason also shared his story from his episode of User Defenders: Cultivating a Creative Culture with Justin Dauer. This is a real life lesson that we can all take to heart and learn from, it is NOT to be missed!

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