48 – Be More of Who You Are with Senior UX Designer and Podcaster of User Defenders, Jason Ogle

Jason Ogle

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In this episode we get to speak with Senior UX Designer and host of the User Defenders podcast, Jason Ogle. We focus on the state of the show and why Jason had to take a one-way flight to Chicago so he could sleep in a van outside of a Walmart parking lot. Jason took a pause on the podcast so he could purchase a new home, but now he’s back with a new season and an impressive first guest: “CSS Man” Chris Coyier. We also explore lessons learned about being flexible and our desire as humans to have normalcy in the seasons of our lives… yet all we really need to do is be more of who we already are.

Jason Ogle has been designing digital experiences and fighting for the users since 1996. He’s a designer at NCM in Denver, CO and the host of the User Defenders podcast all about inspiring interviews with UX superheroes. He’s also a husband, father of 6, and craft coffee roaster. He has a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

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